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Adjustable Metal Bed

Our Electric motorized beds are also available with Metal body options; which are generally recommended for hospitals, medical clinic, testing centres. Motorized Metal Beds for HomeCare and HospitalsIn these beds, complete body is made up of metal and hence are very suitable for use in hospitals and such other places were the chances of wear and tear is higher. The complete metal body makes such beds very durable and life long. These beds are specially designed for hospitals and use by medical centres. The metal frame is powercoated with colour to give it a fine smooth finish and make it a perfect choice for intensive care in hospitals.
Motorized Metal beds are fitted with an electric motor and can be easily controlled with remote control as well as manually [The manual option is available in selected models only].
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The various positions that these beds offer our Back rest position, Leg rest position, Height adjustable position and Trendelenburg position.

Metal framing electric bed with side safety rail.One can change the position of the bed with the help of simple touch on the remote control, if desired the patient can also try combination of different positions simultaneously. Not only these beds are easy to operate but are also easy to maintain and cost effective.

The internal Metal frame is made of thick sheet to make it sturdy and reliable bed to rest on / sleep on. The motorized electric beds can be useful when the patient needs to sleep in backrest or leg rest position or by having both the ends coming up and making a “U” formation. Send Inquiry

If required the doctors can also get the height of the bed to rise of lower down as the case, this is helpful during examination and conducting the treatments. The Trendelenburg position helps the doctor to lower one end of the bed either the head side or the leg side as per his needs. Since the degrees of angles are not predefined the patient can select the best position by himself using the easy to operate remote control. In cases were the patient is not in conscious state, the attendant, nurse or doctor can change the bed position without disturbing the patient or even letting him now. To get more details on how to operate the remote control click here.

Very comfortable to medical treatment of hospitalized person.Another optional accessory with these beds is the Memory Foam Mattress which can simply make this wonderful bed a magic bed. This foam is designed with special techniques and material which makes it soft and intelligent. The amazing part of this bed mattress is that, it actually takes your body shape
when you are sleeping on it. This can be very useful when a person is suffering form backache, arthritis, and such other related issues.

As one of the first company to manufacture and export motorized beds with Memory Foam in India, we invite you all to try this amazing product with a 15 day money back Guarantee*.
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