Adjustable Motorized Beds

For Homecare and Hospitals

Remote Control of Electric Bed

One of the most important and included components with any of our Motorised beds is a remote control, which helps you to adjust the elevation of the bed by simply a touch of the button which is very easy to operate. Hand Wand (Remote Control) to operate a motorised bed.You get the control in your hand. Every inch lower and higher is a different weight and pressure on your muscles, bones and nerves. You simply stop where you are most comfortable.

Our basic remote control comes with 2 buttons for every position marked as ( ) on the left which helps you to raise the height of back panel [backrest position], leg panel [leg rest position], complete bed [Height adjustable Position] or the head part [Trendelenburg Position] of the bed. Alongside every up key ( ) there is down key ( ) on the right which helps you to reduce the elevation of the bed.

Number of buttons on your remote will depend on the number of position you have selected, say for example you have opted for 3 positions then there will be 6 [3 position x 2 buttons] buttons on your remote to control the various positions of your homecare bed or electric motorised beds for hospitals.

Another optional buttons which are available in our Advanced Remote control gives you a simultaneous upward or downward movement for both backrest and leg rest position. Here again, the two buttons available are the up key ( ) and the down key ( ). Pressing any of this will provide upward or downward movement of the backrest as well as leg rest part of the body. This is another intelligent feature of our home care beds which allows the person to get that exact comfortable position to be in.

Since this beds are also designed for Homecare purpose, special care has been taken to keep the operations of these beds to be very simple. Not only can an elderly attendant change the bed position even when the patient is sleeping, but also the patient on his own can change the bed position without any ones help. Top

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