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Electrical Bed Semi Metal Framed Adjustable Semi Wooden Bed, Back Rest Bed of Wooden Frames for Home Care

Semi Wooden Beds

Our Electric motorized beds are available within various bodies types; one of them is the Semi Wooden Bed. Electrical Adjustable Semi Wooden BedThis means the internal frame of the bed is made of metal and external body is of wood made from Burma Teak Wood laminated plywood one of the highest quality of wood. The estimated life of this wood is approx 20 years.

These Semi wooden motorised beds and also be called as semi metal motorized beds as they are mainly made of Wood and Metal. These home care beds are specially designed to make it apart of your designed furniture and don’t make your home looklike a hospital.
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The metal frame is coated with colour to give it a fine finish and the wood is given a special finish using one of the high quality lamination which also helps to extend its life.

Semi Wooden adjustable beds are with electric motor and can be easily controlled with remote control as well as manually [The manual option is available in selected models only]. The various positions that these beds offer our Back rest position and Leg rest position. Semi metal motorised bed for comfort sleepOne can change the beds position with help of simple touch on the remote control, if desired the patient can also try both the positions simultaneously. Not only these beds are easy to operate but are also easy to maintain. The internal Metal frame is made of thick sheet to make it a sturdy and reliable bed to rest on / sleep on. The motorized electric beds can help a patient / person to sleep in backrest or leg rest position or by having both the ends coming up and making a “U” formation.

The backrest position mainly helps to give that support to the back by bring the back end of the bed to a higher angle then rest of the bed. In leg rest position the rear end of the bed it raised up and this gives great relaxation to the legs of the person.Send Inquiry

Another advantage of this position is that it increases the blood circulation of the body. A patient may also try to have both the ends raised and relax in a position that is most comfortable to him.

Since the degrees of angles are not predefined the patient can select the best position by himself using the easy to operate remote control. To get more details on how to operate the remote control click here.

Homecare Bed with protable mattress foamAnother optional accessory with these beds is the Memory Foam Mattress which can simply make this wonderful bed a magic bed. This foam is designed with special techniques and material which makes it soft and intelligent. The amazing part of this bed mattress is that, it actually takes your body shape when you are sleeping on it. This can be very useful when a person is suffering form backache, arthritis, and such other related issues.

As one of the first company to manufacture and export motorized beds with Memory Foam in India, we invite you all to try this amazing product with a 15 day money back Guarantee*.
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